Poor Grammar is proven to have a negative impact on a business. Readers certainly could be put off by poor grammar and spelling. Whereas Google have confirmed that they do not penalize sites for grammar or spelling mistakes, but the top-ranked sites will be the ones that have error-free content. It is more about the user losing trust in your business, they may think that there is a lack of care so may not be interested in going further. It may cause your site visitors to question your ability to clearly communicate, and they may worry about being a potential client if this is the first ‘communication’ they’ve seen.

The quality of your website will push your page ranking up, so although you may not be penalized – you will have an increase in visitors and page views if you stick to good grammar so there are a couple of tips below

  • Asking a colleague, friend or family member to read over your work for you as a fresh set of eyes to check over your grammar and spelling will be beneficial, or you can hire a professional proofreader
  • Reading your work out loud for yourself or another person will help you catch out a misplaced or misspelled word
  • Walking away from your work-space and clearing your mind for a short while before going back will give you a fresher perspective