Google Ads. SEM Campaigns Made Simple.

nixxie produces and executes profitable paid marketing strategies. Not only through traditional buying techniques, but we also use data-driven insights that are enhanced through technology and creativity to drive high-performing campaigns that produce results,

Specialists in linking high performing campaigns across Search, Display and Shopping with your goals. We link your definition of success to gain increased visibility and more sales at a target CPA that means you are enabled to scale.

Rank Your Local Business. Local SEO.

Hyperlocal search is a thing of beauty, there is a reason Google leads with a mobile-first approach for search. “By 2021, mobile devices alone will influence $1.4 trillion in local sales.” – Forrester

Your company is unique from every other company out there! FACT!  Local SEO/SEM/Marketing techniques all need to understand your company. At nixxie we like to tie the outcomes of our work with your success. For example, we will strategise and suggest a growth strategy to implement. We carry out the work and we get paid when you start winning.

CRM Enablement

Do you have a CRM system? Does it do everything you want it to? nixxie will analyse and determine if you are getting the most out of the fastest growing software market for businesses of all sizes.

A CRM system should be connecting all of your engagement channels and working them for you automatically. We use our experience to customise many of the major CRM systems to suit your business, it’s another area where we enable success for our clients by unlocking the often unutilised benefits of a CRM system.  It’s not just a digital address book people! Make it your business driver!

Reaching The Right People

nixxie can deploy many growth methods to enable you to reach the right people, this can be via a multitude of channels including, but not limited to, search, social, linkedin, email and community-driven audiences.

Every business is different and we pride ourselves on finding the optimal way of reaching your target audience. We tailor our strategies to meet your success criteria. You could say we work outside the traditional marketing scope but we like to think we are defining purpose-built marketing for our clients. A marketing strategy built to enable your success.

Reach X Number Of Visitors

Visitors are great, however, it’s the number of people that engage with you that really count!