Tips to boost your Sales with SEO


  • Use Social Media – platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are a great way to grow your audience. You can use them for advertising services/products, gaining new customers and as a method of customer service.
  • Make sure your Keywords are relevant and consistent throughout all aspects of your website, including your Content, Web Pages, URL, Titles, Image Descriptions and Metadata.
  • Create enticing content – make sure that your websites content is always fresh and up to date. Blog posts are a good way of pulling in your audience and letting them know you care about regularly updating them with either new products or an interesting topic of discussion. However, make sure that your content is optimised with your relevant keywords to keep everything consistent.
  • Make sure your entire website and content is optimised for mobile, as this is the most widely used platform for browsing. If your site is hard to navigate or read it may drive potential customers away.
  • Your site needs to be user friendly in every way, design and content. URLs need to be easy to read, as well as including your relevant keywords. Link content to other relevant pages for improved navigation and and an easier read for your visitors. Your titles and text need to be unique and descriptive so that they stand out and keep readers drawn in, you do not want to have the exact same content as a competitor.
  • Keep an eye on your reputation as a business – read your online reviews whether they are good or bad and respond in a professional manner. Politely encourage satisfied customers to write you a positive review or testimonial for other potential customers to see.